Brookside Chocolate - Rebrand

Made at Anomaly, 2017.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design

Creatives: Alex Behles, Ivan Azevedo, Amanda Brency

CD: Christine Gignac

Photography: Emily Schurr

Brookside came to us looking for a brand new campaign, tone of voice, and visual look in order to reach their target demographic of women over the age of 50. We ended up creating an entirely new identity for Brookside that was completely built out from the products shape and approach to flavors. It's a unique snack in that it has a center of exotic fruit flavors that's wrapped up in one misshapen dark chocolate ball. These two insights of bold flavors and it's odd ball-ish shape pointed us to one direction, ballsy. It landed us on the tagline "That's Ballsy" and a visual identity system completely informed by the ballsy shape of the snack. 

We launched the campaign with a photoshoot and film targeted toward daring women supported with lots and lots social content and ballsy shapes.